Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Master and Champ League

With today's update, supercell again provided lots of new stuff for clash of clan. After the today's maintenance, you can your IOS and Android app of the game update to include all innovations even in appearances.

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In the dark magic factory uses her dark Elixir, to establish new spells. This includes, for example, the poison spell, which wraps up enemy troops into a cloud of poison and neatly to the folks that. The earthquake spell, however, is a true miracle weapon to damage walls and buildings. In addition, it uses the third new spell that ensures orderly pace and given you a two.

Also makes your Dragon neatly supercell fire under the butt: with the new version of clash of clan you unlock 10 more powerful dragon from the Town Hall level. More specifically, it is level 5 dragon that will scare a decent opponents.

You've bagged in clash of clans already lots of trophies and masterful in what you're doing? From 5,000 trophies, it's time to join the Titans - and National League. Also, a National League tournament held monthly in which all professionals among you show what is actually in them.

In addition to these new features, there are of course some general changes and improvements. Among other things were changed building hit points and made some optimizations to the force behavior.

Note: Currently the maintenance work won't be over. The server for your battles should be ready, probably around noon. The waiting period can shorten you you with our "Clash of clan" tips.

In clash of clans, the successful game app from Google play store, you won't get very far solely with the income of his own raw material mining. In this respect, the correct farms in this game is a very important precondition to appear at some point on the list of the best. We give tips and tricks for the efficient collection of much-needed resources.

Clash of clan farms
Gold and Elixir, I get that to me! Successful farms in clash of clan
The farms in clash of clan or other games of this kind, is used to improve the own base on the fastest way. If you work only with the yield of raw materials, you get from your own systems, which significantly delayed the progress of your village. So is real farms one of the disciplines of King in the battle of the clans.
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With these tips, you can farm efficiently in clash of clan

In regard to farms in clash of clan there is a golden rule that you should strongly consider: brings all building to the maximum possible value, before you heaves your town hall to a higher level. This is important, because every City Hall upgrade has the consequence that you get stronger opponents, of which you can steal less and who but neatly can deprive you in return.

Intentionally lose cups

This one uses, that clash of clan determines the selection of the potential opponents of the number of trophies. Regardless of their level opponents will proposed you, to have a similar number of cups. The more trophies, are your opponents all the more harder and less resources can collect there.

Clash of clan farms
Losing cups is easy: choose opponents, put off a barbarian and right on to the next opponent. So you lose your trophies, but not all quickly of course: 15%-20% loss of the Cup is more than enough. A strong decline of trophies has the disadvantage that also the accessible prey is reduced.

The good side effect of this reduction in trophies is that you will attacked usually less frequently, since your base is actually stronger, as it suggests the level of your trophies. On the other hand it can cause the extensive farms very high resources stocks, what can attract other clash of clan players who are also interested in gold and Elixir.

Attacking weaker opponents and resources in clash of clan farms

Because you now have a lesser amount of cups, you now weaker opponents and assigned these can abfarmen quickly and mercilessly. That's not necessarily fair, but extremely effective. Even if these bases are usually not so many raw materials in stock, you can break them but without any hassles and collect gold and Elixir.

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